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KLAR Shpk - Official Distributor of Segafredo Zanetti in Albania.

250gr Segafredo "Intermezzo" Ground Coffee


Intermezzo is a mixture of a great character of a coffee full of taste and energy which makes it more enjoyable every moment of the day, with a rich breakfast in the morning and at the break where you can enjoy a quality coffee.

Intermezzo is the result of passion and experience of Segafredo Zanetti.

250gr Segafredo "Buono" Ground Coffee


Buono Coffee is a carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia, which gives the cup a rich aroma and creamy consistency of coffee.

The pack contains 50 sachets of "CafeSenza Decafeinato" Ground Coffee

CafeSenza Decafeinato

The best qualities cultivated and selected and improved with a natural decaffeinating method, in order to leave all the aromatic coffee properties intact.

In functional single-dose sachets.