Segafredo Zanetti SZ01 espresso machine design to work with the Segafredo Coffee Capsules. This machine guarantees the same speed and quality as professional coffee machines, with the same level.

Segafredo Zanetti SZ01 espresso machine design to work only with the Segafredo Coffee Capsules.


Dual Boiler System (One for Coffee, and one for steam wand)

designed to wet the capsule before making the coffee and to give added quality,

has an aluminum top surface to heat cups and glasses.

2.0 Liter water reservoir.


MZ is a capsule coffee maker that fits snugly into any location. With a height, width and depth of just 24 cm the contemporary design is extremely compact.

MZ more taste, zero space!

MZ is a capsule coffee maker that fits snugly into any location.

The technology has given MZ a perfect blend of quality, good looks and practicality.

MZ quality does not stop with its coffee as it entrusts its technology 100% Made in Italy to La San Marco, leading company in the group for the production of professional machines. Machine with in-built water softener for excellent espressos every time, even in hard water areas.


The perfect choice to enjoy the excellence of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System exclusive blends

Silver Black  |  Silver White  |  Volcan Red   |   Matte Black

A synthesis of high technology in 4 different colors and an ideal size, always on the spotlight in any environment, with manual and dosing functions.

The machine automatically switches to energy saving mode after fifteen minutes of inactivity.


and a perfect creaminess at each coffee.

for an immediate control of water level and an easier refi lling.

and drip tray are separate and removable for an easy cleaning.

for different cup heights.


The new SZ is not just a new capsulized coffee machine, but the result of research design and technology that sets a new standard.

A perfect synthesis of beauty, function, and ergonomy. Only one area to access all functions of the machine.

Hot water at the perfect temperature is instantly accessible for tea, American coffee, or even just to warm the cup, in addition a powerful vapor jet to best whip up the milk, or heat up liquids in seconds.

Height-adjustable tray for comfortable use of cups and glasses of various shapes and sizes.

The right temperature is essential for enhancing the pleasure of drinking good coffee.

Through an advanced heating system and while subjected to pressure, the water is delivered at a controlled and constant temperature to guarantee ideal coffee-making conditions.

Machine designed and entirely manufactured in Italy using high quality materials.

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