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KLAR Shpk - Official Distributor of Segafredo Zanetti in Albania.


1kg Segafredo "HO·RE·CA" Espresso beans


Blends of mostly South American Arabica and Robusta, with an intense body, but with balanced characteristics and sugary notes. This coffes blend is prepared with top quality beans. Segafredo HO-RE-CA is the perfect answer for customers with more distinctive and refined tastes. Imported from Italy.
Full-bodied , flavorful , a cup full of happiness!

1kg Segafredo "Selezione Espresso " Espresso beans

selezione Espresso

Selezione Oro is one of the top roasts from Segafredo Zanetti – characterized by its intense and full-bodied aroma and hearty flavour.

Selected raw coffee varietals from the best origins of the world. The secret of the original Italian roast is a harmonious combination of blend, roasting and preparation which culminates in a unique pleasure. Segafredo Zanetti Selezione Oro is a splendid full-bodied coffee that works with almost all coffee machines. Very suitable as espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato because of its richness.

1kg Segafredo "Espresso casa" Espresso beans

espresso casa

The flavour is spicy and full bodied packed with all the classic flavours.

Specially selected beans from the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta are carefully blended and roasted to perfection and vacuum packed for guaranteed freshness by Segafredo Zanetti’s master roasters.