KLAR Shpk - Official Distributor of Segafredo Zanetti in Albania.

1kg Segafredo "HO·RE·CA" Espresso beans


A blend of selected cocoa beans, expertly prepared by master Dutch chocolate-makers, according to centuries-old tradition. 
This is another high quality product, thanks also to the careful blend of its ingredients: cocoa powder that releases its flavours and aromas and cocoa butter, which gives structure and consistency. 
The result is a full-tasting hot chocolate packed with energy for refined chocolate lovers.

1kg Segafredo "Selezione Espresso" Espresso beans


The water-soluble low fat cocoa powder Instant Hot Ciok offers a high-quality chocolate, but  with a very low calorie and fat content.

Due to its careful manufacture it results in a very smooth beverage which doesn’t easily separate.   

The result is a chocolate with a delicate taste, ideal for those who are looking for a lighter beverage without giving up the pleasure of chocolate.