Segafredo 5 steps to good coffee

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At the origin of the best quality

he blend is the basis of coffee quality. Quality that gets to excellence, starting from the selection of the best raw material: the coffee bean which grows out of the evergreen shrub RUBIACEE COFFEA sort. The most used varieties are ARABICA and ROBUSTA.

You can’t call espresso a coffee done with only one coffee variety. Espresso is the painter’s art to mix colours, it’s a symphony carried out by many elements of an orchestra. Segafredo Zanetti elects the best Arabica and Robusta varieties, with only one origin and strictly controlled, and blends them trying to constantly obtain the best possible product.


An important step forward in quality.

It’s the first product transformation tool available for the bartender: from the grains to the powder. Its importance is essential in order to obtain a good cup of espresso coffee.

The grinders don’t last very long and it is advised to replace them after the grinding of 350/400kg of coffee in case of flat ones and 600/800kg for the cone shaped ones.
Showing the consumer a transparent and well cleaned bell-glass indicates a bartender’s high skill. It underlines the blending coffee quality: the periodical cleaning of the bell-glass and of the dispenser is a mandatory routine.

Check your grinding:


Correct grinding


Coarse grinding

Fine grinding

The meeting point between the coffee technique and culture
It’s the second product transformation tool available for the bartender: from the powder to the liquid. The Italian engineering has created different kinds of espresso coffee makers, but the bar culture is connected to the traditional coffee maker.

The amount of coffee is decided by the user, who in order to obtain a small espresso cup has to use 7 grams of powder.


The bartender’s professional imprint

The bartender’s imprint is one of the most considerable quality factors in the preparation of a perfect espresso.
This is why it is important to master the rules which are part of the skill: first of all the everyday cleaning of the whole equipment.

5 golden rules

1. The coffee maker should never be turned of

2. clean the filter installed in the machine’s filter holder every day

3. keep the gauge values always under control (pump: 9 atmospheres; hot-water heater: from 0,8 to 1,4 bar)

4. before fixing every coffee remove the possible powder remainder from the previous coffee from the filter

5. clean the salt remainders every week from the purifier, which has to be changed every two years


The passion for espresso reaches far away

Segafredo Zanetti Mission is to extend the taste, the culture and the preparation of the real Italian Espresso to the whole world.

The Mission permeates its values on the previous “M”s and integrates them in a unique, exclusive Quality System, guaranteed by a net of 47 deposits and 400 salesmen which covers the whole Italian area in a capillary way, with a continuous and personalized presidium of the clients.